3 Tips for Finding Your Nonprofit Events Theme



Tip 1: Know your overall goal for the event and stick to it.

Define your event goal. Create your event structure to support that goal. If your nonprofit organization needs community support, then host a public event that has a lot of press opportunities for radio hosts, journalists, and bloggers. If you are interested in becoming thought leaders in your field, think about hosting a conference or leader summit. If it is fundraising you need, have activities within your nonprofit event that nurtures giving.


Tip 2: Find Activity-based Events that Resonates with Guests

Guests give more freely when they enjoy themselves, when their interests are catered to, and when they are educated about your impact. With this in mind, think of activities your donors would naturally want to do with their friends. This can be doggy dates, pampering activities, empowerment expos, art shows, etc.  Once you choose a fun unique activity, pay close attention to the details. If you can’t handle the smaller details make sure you budget for a nonprofit event planner in the beginning of planning. Guests notice everything. Often, they determine the size of their donations based on what they see and experience.


Tip 3: Create a Story

When you develop your event design weave in your nonprofit’s narrative. Your narrative lies somewhere in between your mission, vision, and the experience of the people you help. Incorporating your story will automatically elevate your event to a signature event. A nonprofit event planner can help you find innovative ways for you to incorporate your story into your nonprofit event design details. Guests will leave with a deeper understanding of who you are and a stronger desire to be more active.

Once you follow these three tips, you will have a highly memorable nonprofit event theme and a more effective nonprofit event.

For nonprofit event planning assistance, email Rielle Jones at info@rielleevents.com.

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