5 Tips to Prevent Registration Fails




The worst first impression is a poor registration experience with registration members asking, “Wait. What do I do? Do you see your name?”  It does not inspire confidence in your nonprofit event. Poor registration can cause guests to wonder if your nonprofit organization can handle larger projects and donations.

Poor registration is the #1 way to ruin guests’ experience at nonprofit events. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid big nonprofit event registration tables:

Tip 1: Alphabetical Order

Make sure your lists are all in alphabetical order and keep the details.  Take the 3 days before hand to go over the list, your emails, letters, text messages, and notes to make sure every guest is on there. Next, organize the guest list in alphabetical order.

Tip 2: Multiple Lines

At the minimum, you should have two people at the registration table. If you have walk-up registration, have a separate line with a tablet designated for walk-up registration. Separating names based on last name initial can be helpful in the right setting. This is not appropriate for formal dinners. However, for conferences and educational programs, separate lines based of initials are appropriate.

Tip 3: Solid 2-Person Process

The best registration lines usually have duo teams. This allows one person to ask for the name and find the information; the other can find the materials, inform them of the night, and where they go next. A duo team keeps your guest happy, the line moving, and ensures all the information is covered.

Tip 4: Knowledgeable about Day of Event Process

Your registration table volunteers need to know the night’s agenda forwards and backwards. During the event, they have to answer guests questions while finding your guests’ event collateral.

Tip 5: Manager consistently checking Registration

Your event manager needs to frequently check on the registration flow, the guests arriving and going through registration, and the output of materials. She/he also needs to make sure the volunteers are following the protocol you all outlined.

Follow these 5 tips, and your event registration will run smoothly. For personalized event planning assistance, email Rielle Jones at info@rielleevents.com.

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