4 Characteristics Your Event Planner Needs

A poor managed  event can cost your nonprofit six-figures.  If you are planning a major nonprofit event, trust your event in the hands of a nonprofit event planner. Here are 4 characteristics you should look for when hiring a nonprofit event planner.


Characteristic #1: An Active Listener

If your nonprofit event planner begins the conversation with, “I’ve done a million events like this…” Run. You want your event to be engaging, innovative, and well-executed, but most importantly one-of-a-kind. Your nonprofit event planner needs to listen to your event needs, visions and goals.  If your planner is a good listener, then they should be able to translate your vision and nonprofit mission into your event design details.


Characteristic #2: An Editing Eye

Your nonprofit event planner needs to be able to edit your event design when it skews from your nonprofit mission and event goals.  I once managed a health expo where a NPO employee, against my advice, insisted on hosting a turkey give-away. Guests joked about the randomness of giving away turkeys and how heavy they were to lug around 3 stories of expo showrooms. Due to not editing the event design, we missed a great opportunity to engage guests with an activity that informed them about our NPO mission, impact, and volunteer opportunities.  With an editing eye, a nonprofit event planner can ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to highlight your nonprofit’s message.


Characteristic #3: A Focus on Guest Experience

Your nonprofit event planner needs to have experience handling a variety of events with diverse audiences to ensure your guests will have the best experience. They need to be able to foresee guests’ expectations, unexpected event problems, and the guest experience throughout the event. Their experience with hosting nonprofit events with audiences from different business sectors will help you create the perfect event for your target audience.


Characteristic #4: Mindful of Nonprofit Event Budgets

Your nonprofit event planner must be mindful of your event budget. Nonprofit events are a stable way to secure major funding when planned properly.  If your budget is unrealistic for your vision, then your nonprofit event planner needs to be able to convey event budget lines you will have to eliminate or ways to subsidize your budget. Ultimately, it is not about spending the most but gaining the most return on your event.

For nonprofit event planning assistance, email Rielle Jones at info@rielleevents.com.

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