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Stay equipped!

This page features resources for Afro-professionals around mental health, finances, workforce case studies and business development. We invite you to ask questions here for other members to answer and to upload resources.

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Mental Health



"We are here for you."


As you pose questions, be honest with where you are, your needs and what you are looking for.  It provides perspective, so other family members can identify the right resources for you.


We are a family. We are breaking bad habits we've learned in society.  Interact with love and respect both in-person and online. Please stay mindful of the language and tone you use in this group.


We invite you to upload resources to each tab. Please be very active in uploading content.  Make sure to share with the family what you received from the information


IncogNegro is all about you and your needs. We are a family and that means participation. We want your creativity, knowledge and passion to be a colorful thread in our identity.

So, we invite you to create with us. Let us know what you want us to talk about, to do at an upcoming event or to try as a group.