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Welcome to IncogNegro Online.

We encourage you to interact with other members and add to our discussions.

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"We value your mental health, economic growth and access to community."-Gabrielle Jones

IncogNegro Guidelines

We care about all of our members' mental health, economic growth and access to an accountable community.

Part of being accountable is laying out ground-rules and expectations. Here's ours:

  1. *Do not share stories of members' experiences with outside communities. More specifically, communicating people's stories with their names, companies involved, the names of other actors in the story,etc.  We do not allow this. If we learn members are actively sharing other member's personal narratives or gossiping about other members with the outside community, we will cancel your membership.
  2. *We expect guests to be open to participating in the different activities. They are all meant to stretch and grow up in new ways. As adults, we aren't given enough small, interactive, and creative challenges. Resulting in many of us to often opt out of activities before trying. However, we expect all of our members to participate in our dinner discussions and activities.
  3.  *We expect members to attend 9/12 of our monthly family dinners. You can't build accountability if you aren't present and aren't committed to the group.
  4. *We expect you to be honest about the things you would like for us to change or think about in the future. We cannot grow if there's not open communication and transparency.