Our Founder

Rielle, our founder,  is passionate about using event design to tell a story about the organization’s brand and mission to motivate guests towards a call-to-action. Gabrielle “Rielle” Jones holds a Bachelors of Arts degree from America’s #3 Liberal Arts College, Wellesley College. She has a dual-degree in International Relations and Sociology with Chinese as her language.

Rielle has raised approximately $1 million for U.S nonprofits. Over her professional career, she has managed elite embassy events in D.C, corporate conferences, and extravagant nonprofit dinners. With a team in Atlanta, she continues to build her engagement legacy as Rielle Events grows in Detroit, MI.

Rielle leads interactive speeches around corporate and nonprofit events and campaigns. As a storyteller and a seasoned speaker, she has a wonderful way of weaving accessible event planning stories and great statistics that help her points resonate with listeners.

Speaking topics and interactive sessions include event marketing, event management, hosting conferences & summits, and NPO giving campaigns.
Request more information by emailing us at info@rielleevents.com.