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Keep your team connected during Coronavirus quarantine. We can create on-brand virtual events from start to finish. We can plan fun activities like Company trivia night, live virtual dance party and cooking and arts and crafts experiences.Bring together communities with a virtual conference or network session.

Post-quarantine programs will get the team reconnected while feeling safe. Right now, cleanliness in as important as ever as we ease people into socially connecting. In addition, it is really important to celebrate your team and reinvigorate them as we rejoin society. We can help you plan the perfect experience for your team or audience.

Rielle Events Services

Event Planning

Simplify the event planning process and make it stress-free for your team.  Your Rielle Events event planner will provide event outlines, diagrams and schedules crafted for our different event team members: a/v, catering, lighting, event production staff, etc.

Event Management

The most important part of event planning is the execution. Our  Rielle Events event planners arrive to every event, enthusiastic and ready to direct and keep the event on schedule. They always have a solution for anything that could arise.

Event Production

Light, cameras, action! Let us coordinate the behind the scenes from A/V to photographers and speaker preparation. Your team can focus on your guests and your event goals.

Event Budget & Agreements

Managing budgets are never fun. Let us track your expected verses actual event expenses. After the event, you will receive a detailed expense report.

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