Pink Magic Art Show 2019


The Pink Magic Art Show is a 2-Day art experience that uplifts women. The art show is  July 18-19, 2019 at Belle Isle Boat Club on Belle Isle, Michigan. 

Our 4 curated exhibits  are intentionally comprised of self-identified women of color. We aim to provide a glimpse of the diverse perspectives and expressions of self, sexuality and fantasy of women. We also aim to give voice and entrepreneurial opportunities to talented artists of color from across the United States.

Throughout the Pink Magic Art Show experience, there are special interactive experiences that provide safe spaces for self expression and self-care.



Pink Magic Art Show 2019 is July 18-19, 2019 on Belle Isle, Michigan. We are currently accepting art submissions from self-identified female artists of color until May 1,2019 at 11:59pm EST.  Rolling Acceptance for the art exhibit. 

We have four exhibits: Goddess Exhibit, Princess Hall, Nymphs +Fantasy and the Witches Cove. You can specify which exhibit you’d like to be a part of the 2019 Pink Magic Art Show artist application. The theme of the art show is female expression of self, sexuality and fantasy. We are looking for original art that captures our theme either literally or abstractly.

Artist Commitment: By entering our art show, you are agreeing to make 4 new pieces for one of the four exhibits. You are responsible for producing prints that you’d like to sell. 

Sponsorship: Artists who receive a sponsorship will have their exhibit fees waived You might qualify for a travel reimbursement up to ($250).  In addition to showcasing and selling your art, you are committing to talking to the young women from the nonprofit that we are sponsoring about your journey as an artist.  The art talk is scheduled for July 17th.

Jury Art Criteria::

Quality- Your pieces are durable, market ready and portray a clear perspective.

Originality- Your artwork portrays your clear personal perspective and your style of art.  Second, the pieces submitted for artist consideration must be your original art and/ or all artists who contributed to the pieces are credited during the submission process.

Value- The average price of your artwork and prints must be accessible to our attendees.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Live Podcast Showings

V.I.P Reception

Art Show with V.I.P. Experience

Friday, July 19, 2019

Vixen's Brunch

Live Podcast Showings

Art Show with V.I.P. Experience

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Women Empowerment:: 

  • We value giving voice and safe space to female experience of our guests and artists. We see the need to nurture the expression of women of all ages. This includes moments for self-care, being lost in music spun by female DJs, and safe spaces to ask intimidating questions about personal sexuality.

Fair Business::

  • We value fair business with minority and women owned businesses and artists at fair market prices.

Giving Back::

  •  We value giving back to the community and to young women. We want to spark the imaginations of the next generation while providing funding to initiatives that support their  growth, everyday lives and needs

.Quality Service::

  • We value quality service and delivering a premier experience for all guests. Our guest experience is our top priority.

Charitable Support

Charitable Support

A portion of our Pink Magic Art Show Event proceeds is donated to the Ruth Ellis Center in Highland Park, Michigan. The Ruth Ellis Center was founded 18 years ago by Ruth Ellis, a queer activist in Detroit.  The center supports homeless, runaway  and at-risk LGBTQ+ youth and adults of color.  Our donation will specifically benefit youth in their program who self-identify as female.

We also have a special event planned for the young ladies where they can interact with some of our artists to learn about their journey and career as young female artists. The girls will leave with their own pieces of art!


Donor/Sponsor PacketPink Magic Art Show 2019 Sponsorship Packet 4.19