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Rielle’s Events Podcast is a business podcast that focuses on nonprofit and corporate events, engagement strategies and best practices. We bring you timely, pertinent information that will boost your business or nonprofits annual return around your engagements. Every episode, our dynamic host Rielle Jones interviews a major influencer in the corporate and philanthropic spheres.

Boost your event awareness, donor/client loyalty and giving with our Rielle’s Events Podcast!

Listen to Season 1 Episode 1 : Hiring Consultants featuring David RippleDavid pic

In Rielle’s Events Podcast season 1 episode 1: Hiring Consultants, podcast host Rielle Jones explores when and why nonprofits should hire consultants. She speaks to one of The Mid-West’s most distinguished fundraisers, David Ripple of the Remington Group in Beverly Hills, MI. In David’s impressive 20+ year fundraising career, one of his most note-worth accomplishment is leading his Ohio State University development team to raising $3 Billion.  Find out how, in Episode 1 Hiring Consultants.

Ned Pic

Episode 2: Part I Rielle delves into the technical side of verbally communicating your event starting with the purpose of the event and the right event structure to fulfill your business goals.  Part II, Rielle interviews TechTown Detroit’s CEO and President, Ned Staebler. Ned and Rielle delve into ways to elevate your events, to communicate your impact and to avoid common event faux pas! In addition, they discuss the important role TechTown plays in the Greater Detroit area and Ned’s full-circle moment in his career, serving his native city, Detroit.

This week’s podcast also has a downloadable worksheet to help you find the right event for your organizational goals. Communicating Your Event Purpose

Episode 3: Part I: Ultimate Guide to Media Relations + Events tells you everything you need to know about handling media at your business or nonprofit events. Rielle gives a thorough analysis on event staging, event procedures and best practices for working with news journalists, bloggers, radio teams and reporters.  While she’s here to help you execute the media relations plan, Rielle makes sure listeners have the tools to manage PR at their corporate events. Part II: Rielle Interviews Sharon Banks, former Press Secretary for Wayne County and founder of Bankable Marketing Strategies. This riveting conversation delves into Sharon’s early career and the lessons she learned as the Press Secretary and working with her children!

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For more information about our podcast view, check out our podcast overview.

Rielle’s Events Podcast Overview

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