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Creating your unique corporate or nonprofit identity is easy and attainable through events.

 Each Rielle Events engagement is tailored to your mission and strategic goals.

Rielle events are enchanting, engaging and well-executed.

Events planned by our team average 4-6 times higher event return for our clients.

Event Planning

 We simplify the event planning process and make it stress-free for your team.  Your Rielle Events event planner will provide event outlines, designs, diagrams and timelines crafted for your different event team needs. We create personalized centerpieces, event souvenirs and place settings for your event guests that exemplify your corporate/nonprofit identity.

Event Management

We take a hands-on approach to event management before and at the event. Our Rielle Events team provides event schedules and timelines for audio/visual, catering, volunteer and special guest teams. Our event managers and event assistants arrive to every event enthusiastic and ready to direct their teams.

Event Production

We will help you interview and select the right audio/visual teams, stage and tenting rental companies for your special event. Throughout the event process, we provide direction to your production team. Day of the event, we ensure your hired teams provide the agreed upon services.

Event Budget & Negotiation

Don’t let your event expense get out of control. We provide an estimated event budget breakdown at the beginning of the event. During the event cycle, we provide up-to-date budgets and expense checklist. Our final report tracks your event savings, your event return and tips for next year’s event.

The best event results happen when our Rielle Events team takes care of your event planning, event management, event production and event budgeting. 

                           Download a PDF List of Our Services:Rielle Events Service Sheet

How can we help your team?

  1. We can act as consultants to provide advice and plans for your event. With this option, we charge hourly for our services.  At the beginning of your event, we provide an estimate of the number of hours needed for each stage of your event.  For clients with strict budgets, we can provide an upper limit on the monthly hours for consulting.  We deeply value clear communication and transparency. At the end of the month, we provide a summary of what we’ve accomplished that month and objectives for the next.
  2.  Our preferred option is to plan all aspects of your event from event planning, design, budget negotiation and day-of-management. We provide an event proposal with 3 event designs based on your expressed budget. We provide the timelines, conduct the walk-throughs, provide updates and direction to your vendors and special guests. This option allows you to host your signature event stress-free.

 Download a PDF List of Our Services:Rielle Events Service Sheet